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Egypt Technology System

The Electron Microscope Unit at Nanotechnology & advanced material central lab aims to introduce a high level service in microscopic techniques for researchers and students interested in exploring the invisible nano life.

This unit includes TECNAI G20 S-Twin high resolution electron microscope unit (HRTEM) covering the full range of imaging and microanalysis techniques.

The instrument specification:

> Operation voltage up to 200 kV.

> Magnification up to 1.013 Million.

> Camera magnification up to 10 Mx.

> Ultra high resolution: point-point 1 nm.

> Lattice resolution 0.144 nm .

> Electron beam diffraction.

> Digital image recording.

> Size measurement over the Digital image.

> Camera type : Eagle camera 200 kV.

> High brightness electron source LaB6.

  Renal biopsy             Tungsten Oxide Nano sheets

Renal biopsy                       Tungsten Oxide Nano sheets

  Graphitized Carbon             Gold Nano Particle

Graphitized Carbon                  Gold Nano Particle

 Additional Specification:

> Specimen holder is double tilt in ( α & β ) direction, which gives the ability to be sure that the particle is two dimension or three



 > α-tilting nearly up to ± 45 degree.

> β-tilting nearly up to ± 29 degree.


Electron beam diffraction:

* Giving pattern which is interesting to consider three types of solid matter: single crystals, polycrystals and amorphous materials.

Diffraction pattern for Single crystalline material                                                             Diffraction pattern for polycrystalline material

Diffraction pattern for Single crystalline material          Diffraction pattern for polycrystalline material

Dark Field (DF):

> Dark field image to show the atoms which diffract the electron beam with same angle. The glowing particles in the DF image indicate to the atoms which diffract the electron beam to give the third ring in the diffraction pattern .

Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope unit (STEM):

> Magnification up to 10 Mx.

> Resolution 1 nm.

> Supporting for EDX unit in Mapping, Line and point analysis.

EDX (Energy Dispersive X-rays).

> Making semi quantitative analysis.

> Mapping, Point and Line analysis are available.



Weight % Atomic %
----------- ----------- -----------


12.83 25.74


0.18  0.18


86.97  74.07

Microscope booking request

Researchers wishing to evaluate their samples kindly complete the Electron Microscopy Booking Request Form and wait for the unit senior confirmation.