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Egypt Technology System
X-ray diffraction (XRD) is a versatile, non-destructive technique that reveals detailed information about the chemical composition and crystallographic structure of natural and manufactured materials. The unit includes X’ Pert PRO Panalytical X-ray diffraction. The instrument specifications > High Speed , High Quality Phase > Identification and Quantification of Poly- > Crystalline Materials. > Theta – Theta Goniometer means that the Sample always Stay Horizontal so Loose Samples will not fall. > Analyzing Traces Samples in Special Holders or in Capillary Tubes. > Resolution 0.001°. The sample stage specification: > Non –Spinning Sample Stage. > Reflection – Transmission Spinner Stage. > Capillary Spinner Stage for Powders and Liquids for Preferred Orientation with the changing the Spinning Speed. Transmission Measurements > Materials consisting of light atoms, such as organic compounds from the polymer or pharmaceutical industries, are 'transparent' for X-rays and also Spinning of the samples brings more crystallites into the diffraction condition. In these cases transmission experiments are advised. Hardware Configuration for Transmission and SAXS Measurements Rietveld refinement Analysis > Quantitative phase analysis > Determination of the amorphous content > Crystallinity determination > Crystallite size/micro strain analysis. X-Ray booking request Researchers wishing to evaluate their samples kindly complete the X-Ray Diffraction Booking Request Form and wait for the unit senior confirmation.